Are you making giving plans?

Are you making giving plans?

Do you have someone helping you increase giving?  Most churches go it alone when it comes to this crucial need.  When making budget is so important to fuel the missions and ministries that God has laid upon the churches heart to do why would you risk NOT receiving the funds you need?  Here are the major reasons churches don’t do anything about increasing their giving until they get desperate.

Price.  The bottom line is they don’t feel they can afford to pay someone to help them.  What if the cost of getting giving help was only $1 a day?  If price were not an issue would you get help?

Knowledge.  Other than making appeal after appeal how do you get people to increase their giving?  How do you talk about giving in a way that won’t turn people off?  The vast majority of churches don’t know how to positively attract dollars and when they do talk about giving they do so in a way that drives people away.  Thus the make their situation worse.  What if you could get help from someone that helps the largest churches in America increase their giving and givers?

Time.  Who has the time for one more thing?  Every day you leave the office with things left undone.  The fact of the matter is that in the tyranny of the urgent plans for increasing giving get continually pushed back.  Then before you know it you are behind.  When churches get behind then they get desperate.  Are you there yet?  What if someone did all the work for you?

My monthly membership plan is the answer to all of the above!  I have helped some of America’s largest churches increase their giving.  I have taken those principles and am passing them along to churches just like yours.

Here is what you get…

  • 24/7 access to me, The Stewardship Coach, answering all your questions and giving you personalized input.  No other plan does this!
  • Weekly offering talks written by me one of the first to ever start talking about setting up offerings to be impactful and meaningful.
  • Weekly live teaching.  Every week my members get to listen to me teach on key giving topics and have the ability to ask questions live!
  • Seasonal giving campaigns with detailed step by step plans.  I have plans for, summer, End of year, Easter and more!
  • Access to our sample filled webpages that provide letters, email blasts and many other pluses!
  • Plans that WILL increase your giving!

Join the best plan out there.  One more thing, did I mention we are less expensive than Giving Rocket?  Make the switch today or start out now with the best.  I promise you will more bring in far more money using my plans than if you do nothing.

Get started right now by going to,

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach