We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

When it comes to reversing the decline in giving in the church we are our own worst enemy.  Giving to the Church as a percent of Americans incomes has slipped again for another year.  We are seeing churches close their doors and those churches still operating are facing greater challenges due to giving’s decline.  Yet what is the plan to correct this decline?  Few churches have a plan of action.  Do you?

Our ship has holes in it and few are paying attention to this sobering fact.  Consider these chilling facts…

  • Giving has declined as a percent of Americans disposable incomes from over 3% in 1968 to barely over 2% now.  That represents billions of dollars lost every year!
  • The Builder generation, America’s most charitable group, is all but gone from the scene.  Those remaining worry they will outlive their nest egg.
  • 10,000 Baby Boomers, America’s largest donor group by dollars, are entering retirement every day.  Their resources to give are thus lower than when they were working.
  • Millennials, the largest generational group, are leaving the Church in droves causing weekly church attendance to decline which feeds the decline in giving.
  • 1%.  That is the amount at the current rate of decline that Americans will give of their disposable incomes to the church by 2050!

We have a crisis looming and few are talking about it and even fewer are doing anything about it!  Wake up!  What plan do you have right now that will help you meet this challenge in your church?  If you don’t have a plan you are actually planning on failure.  The steps you take now can and will help you be fully funded for the future.

Every day I grow more frustrated over the fact that so many are ignoring this continual decline in giving.  I write giving plans and giving manuals.  My plans have helped churches large and small raise millions of dollars.  I do all the work for you.  Using my plans you can and will head off this decline in giving to the Church.  In my plan you get…

  • Weekly advice on key issues that will help you meet and exceed your budget.
  • A weekly offering talk delivered to your email inbox every Monday.
  • Weekly personalized interaction with me The Stewardship Coach through my weekly webinar, “Monday Morning’s With Mark The Stewardship Coach.”
  • My personal email and telephone number so that you get answers and help immediately.  Giving Rocket doesn’t do that!
  • Seasonal manuals like, “Six Weeks to Giving Success: A Step by Step Plan to Start Your Year Off Right,” “The Fully Funded Summer,” “The 2 Minute Drill: A Winning Plan of Action for End of Year Giving,” and more.

My plan is better than anything out there.  My client churches are using my plans and seeing their giving increase.  The cool thing about my plan is it is not just the best there is but it also costs less than any other plans, a $1 a day!

Try it for 14 days for only $1!  http://giving365.com/2015/06/15/giving-365-introductory-special-14-days-for-1-00/

Do you have a better plan?  Do you have any plan at all?  Friend, if you don’t do something you very well might find your church unable to meet its financial obligations AND unable to pay your salary.  Now is the time to do something to avoid that.  I can help you but only if you let me.  Let’s get to work getting you fully funded!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach