What Will 2016 Bring Giving Wise

If you are smart you will be asking yourself what will 2016 bring giving wise to your church.  Few pastors and church leaders are thinking about that now.  Most are simply exhausted from Christmas services at the church and family time.  Yet as we start the New Year what you do or don’t do in the first few weeks will determine how you end the giving year in 2016.

Here is the bad news, giving is projected to decline again in 2016!  How will your church manage to meet all the budgeted needs you set?  What plan do you have to assure that come summer you can do all those ministry and mission projects you are now starting planning for?  What are you going to do differently this year than you did last year?  Are you even thinking about giving?  The good news is I have done all the thinking and work for you!

In my experience the first six weeks will set the course for the remainder of your year.  Since the first six weeks are so crucial that is why I have written, “Six Weeks to Giving Success: A Step by Step Plan to Start Your Giving Year Out Right.”   This step by step guide will help you get off to a great giving start.  I have taken the principles that have been used in the largest churches in America and put them into your hands.  Use these practical steps and your giving will get off strong!   Buy it here http://giving365.com/store/

My manual, as with all my manuals, costs only $9.95.  Wouldn’t that be worth it to know that you could be ahead of budget starting the seventh week of the year instead of already behind?  Do you have a better plan?

“Pastors need to think about giving not simply when they do a capital campaign but 365 days a year.”  That was a comment made to me two years ago by SBC president and Mega Church pastor Ronnie Floyd.  He is right and his comment is one reason I started Giving365 a week by week plan that gives church leaders their own personal stewardship coach for only $1 a day.

Giving365 gives you more than Giving Rocket AND you get personal access to me, America’s Stewardship Coach.”  Here is what some of my members are saying about Giving365…

“Thanks for all the great coaching this year. I’ve learned a lot this year with you!” Jan Van Liew Director of Finance Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church North Bend, WA

“Great job with the article in this week’s Stewardship Coach!  Quick giving update: Envelope giving up 7% over last year, Plate giving up 45% over last year, E-Giving up by 52% over last year & 187% over 2013!  Blessings & Thanks for being my coach!”  Lance Leads Directing Pastor Dwight UMC Dwight, IL

“Last year you helped us increase our giving by 32% and this year we are on track to increase giving by double digits again!  $365 a year is not enough!  If pastors and church leaders knew how valuable your ministry could be to them, they’d pay ten times that much (but thanks for giving us the discount!).”  Brian Hughes Lead Pastor Powhatan Community Church Powhatan, VA

“Mark, using your plans INSERT YOUR CHURCH NAME AND CITY, made budget in 2016!  Thanks for your support!  INSERT YOUR NAME”

That could be your quote this time next year.  As I stated above, do you have a better plan?

If you are not convinced you can try my plan for 14 days for only $1.  Go to 14 dayshttp://giving365.com/2015/06/15/giving-365-introductory-special-14-days-for-1-00/

Let me be your coach in 2016!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach