Do You Have a Winter Weather Offering Plan?

Do you have a winter weather offering plan?  It is not IF it will snow but WHEN!  When it snows you will either cancel services or at the very least see attendance greatly impacted.  When attendance is down so is your offering.  Few make up a lost offering the next week.

Even those of you in Florida have to be ready for weather related attendance bumps during hurricane season.  So it pays for every church to have a plan to make up any lost offerings.  Here are some,

Key Steps for Bad Weather Week Ends – Follow these steps to ensure offering success despite bad weather.

  1. Develop a plan of action for bad weather ahead of time.  The first step is to simply think through a strategy ahead of time.
  2. Set up online giving through your churches web site.  Americans are used to online commerce and use it regularly.  Check out my other company Charis Giving Solutions here at
  3. Update your data base to include email addresses and cell phone numbers.  Since weather happens so fast email and even text messaging are the best way to contact donors at the last minute.
  4. Write your appeal letter ahead of time and have it ready at a moment’s notice.  I recommend that the letter be written and printed and sitting on the shelf ready to mail.  Giving365 members get free samples from me!  Try it here,
  5. Order offering envelopes with a pre-printed postage paid stamp NOW.  Utilizing envelopes like this means that you only pay postage if it is mailed back to you.
  6. Watch the weather forecast for the weekend.  While we like to joke about the weather man being inaccurate more often than not they hit it right on the head.  Our current technology gives you a fair warning of impending bad weather.  So, if the forecast is for snow over the weekend I can get my appeal letter in the mail on Friday.
  7. When bad weather comes execute your plan! Someone on staff makes the call about whether you will be open when bad weather strikes.  Who will make the call about the makeup offering strategy?

Is that too hard?  I have taken the work out of it for you.  Get my new manual, “Snowed Out! A Plan to Make Up a Weather Impacted Weekend.”  It has all the letters, emails and everything else you need to make up for any lost offerings.

To get your copy go to,

Don’t let bad weather keep you from being fully funded this year!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach