Does Your Giving Coach Answer Your Emails?

EmailAs you attempt to meet your budget needs this year my question for you is, does your giving coach answer your emails?  Recently I got online to listen to one of the leading giving coaches in America in terms of volume of churches served, explain how his listeners could increase their revenue.  One key quote he made was, “Answering emails is an absolute waste of an entrepreneur’s time.”

I was shocked!  I know why he said this.  He has well over 1,000 churches that pay him around a $100 a month to provide advice, giving talks and other materials.  Do the math on that!  So, frankly he doesn’t have time for you.  Some assistant hired off the street or in some foreign company will answer your emails with a stock reply.  That was another of his brilliant recommendation, hire outside firms to do the thing that drain your time.

While I am a small businessman attempting to make my company profitable if I ever forget that ministry is at the heart of who we are then I have ceased to be a minister!  Perhaps that is the problem in the giving industry.  Too many are attempting to build wealth without truly ministering to the Bride of Christ.  The laborer is worthy of his hire but when the laborer ceases to be able to respond personally to request he is fleecing the church.

I answer every email personally and quickly!  Unless I am on the road I respond within minutes.  At best I might be a day late in getting back to my client churches.  As a former pastor, something my competitor never was, I understand that when you need help you need it ASAP!  You pay me to work for you.  Put down the iPhone, stop playing on Twitter and do the work churches have paid you to do!

I had a pastor call me last year during a committee meeting he was in where a question came up they could not answer.  So he called his Stewardship Coach and said, “I hate to bother you but can you answer a question for us?”  My reply was, “Pastor, never apologize for calling me.  You pay me to bother me!  How can I help?”

Let me be clear, my competitor has helped many churches increase their giving.  For that I am grateful.  However, I have been at this for eighteen years and I have seen so many forget the ministry aspect of our business as they got bigger and bigger.  If ignoring your emails is the price to wealth, then I guess I will be small and poor.

So, why not partner with someone that MAKES time for you?  Why not join a giving site that is not about attempting to be a million dollar a year enterprise?  Why not get advice from a guy that many of the largest churches in America employ?  Why not join a site where the founder and owner, a former pastor, WILL answer every one of your emails?

On top of that my plan is the least expensive at only $1 a day!  Here is my offer, try it for 14 days for $1 at

I will email you as soon as possible to learn how I can best help you!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach