Are you Behind or Ahead?
Will this be you come June?

Will this be you come June?

Here is the key giving question to ask yourself just a few days into the New Year, are you behind or ahead?  If you are ahead, good for you!  What are you going to do to stay ahead?  If you are behind, what are you going to do to catch up?

Most churches do nothing!  Doing nothing will only result in, NOTHING!  Money does not simply fall from Heaven into your offering plates.  You need a plan of action towards closing out any giving gap.  Falling behind early makes it harder to be fully funded for this summer.  Now is the time to take action.

Here are some key steps to take NOW if you are behind.  Taking these steps can help you close any gap and better position you for being fully funded for the entire year.  You need to…

  1. Keep aware of where you stand.  If you don’t know if you are ahead or behind how can you plan towards increasing giving?  What is your historical giving shown you in terms of when giving is strongest?  Knowing your trends will better help you devise a plan of action.
  2. Get a plan and work your plan.  As I stated, money will not fall from Heaven so how will you make up any shortfall?  Plan now to avoid a disastrous giving slump in the coming months.  Not sure what to plan?  I have all the plans you need and you can try them for 14 for only $1!  http:/14 days/
  3. Don’t put it off!  The tyranny of the urgent will press in upon you keeping giving plans on the back burner.  The longer you put off any action the harder it will be to make up any gaps.
  4. Make the appeal appealing!  Don’t use guilt to motivate people to give.  Don’t come off sounding desperate.  You motivate people to give by telling them your story of what your church is accomplishing.  My goal for my churches is that people will WANT to give not feel compelled to give.

Giving365 is all about helping you do all of the above for a price you can afford.  You could spend three times as much with Giving Rocket and be one of over one thousand churches that never get personalized attention or you could join us.  It costs only $1 a day and you get direct access to me America’s Stewardship Coach.

With my plans and my personal coaching, you can and will be fully funded for 2016!  Let’s get started right away!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach