The Forgotten Sermon: How to Preach Effectively on Giving

A study found that only 32 percent of American church members reported that they had heard a sermon on the relationship between faith and personal finances in that previous year.  The author of the study concluded, “clergy often tiptoe around the topic of money as if they were taking a walk through a minefield.

Could this a major reason why giving to the Church is on a continual decline?  

“All the church ever talks about is money!”  You ever hear that one?  Early in my ministry I had someone tell me that.  They were not a part of my church and I was attempting to get them to visit.  I assured them that we never talked about money.  I thought that was a good thing.  I prided myself in the fact that rarely if ever did I talk about money from the pulpit.  What I thought was a virtue was actually a huge mistake.  I had fallen prey to a myth that had I not corrected could have had a detrimental impact upon my ministry.

We have all heard stories like that even if it never has happened to us.  It is true that there is a perception outside the church that all we do is talk about money.  It appears in surveys and questionnaires.  In fact churches have been established pointing out with pride that they never talk about money at their church.  They had polled the community about why people did not attend church and found that people felt the church overly emphasized money and giving.  As a result from the mid ‘80s onward we have seen an almost obsession with not talking about money or giving at all.  Rather than the church talking too much about money the truth is that we don’t talk about it enough!

My new book, “The Forgotten Sermon: How to Preach Effectively on Giving,” will help you overcome the perception that many people have about preaching on giving.  Here is the contents…

Section I:  Setting the Stage for Preaching Success

Chapter One – The Preachers Least Favorite Topic

Chapter Two – The Results of the Forgotten Sermon

Chapter Three – Making the Case for the Forgotten Sermon

Chapter Four – It Starts With the Pastor!

Chapter Five – Six Thoughts On How to Preach On Giving

Chapter Six – How to Preach a Series on Giving

Section II: A Sermon Series on Giving – Finding Stability in an Unstable World

First Sermon:  Laying a Foundation That Assures Stability

Second Sermon:  Laying a Foundation That Assures Stability

Third Sermon:  Learning the Principle for Financial Stability

Fourth Sermon:  Leaving a Legacy for Future Stability                                        

 Section III:  Annual Campaign Sermons – Where Do I Fit?

 First Sermon:  Joining God in the Work God Does 

Second Sermon: A Life Worthy

Third Sermon:  Willing to Share                                                                                   

Section IV:  Capital Stewardship Campaign Series – God at Work

First Sermon:  How God’s Work Gets Started

Second Sermon:  How God’s Work Gets Accomplished

Third Sermon:  How God’s Work Involves You!                                                     

Section V:  Stand Alone Sermon Samples

 Sunday’s Most Unpopular Topic

An Oxymoron for Successful Living

How to Change Your View on Giving

Recession Proof Your Life

Making Giving Fun

Get my book today and start planning your next series on giving!  To get your copy go to… The Forgotten Sermon      

Let me help you preach effectively on giving!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach