Who Owns Making Budget at Your Church?

If you are going to be fully funded this year you have to answer the question of who owns making budget at your church?  This is perhaps the most crucial key towards being fully funded.  It is the difference between having the money in July for that camp or event.  It ultimately could be the difference between whether you get a raise next year or even if you get paid this year.

If no one “owns” an event or task it is questionable if it will ever happen.  Owning something doesn’t mean you actually own the rights or you possess it.  By owning giving I am asking who is in charge.  Who sees increasing giving and givers as their responsibility?  Think about other areas of your church.  The effectiveness of your ministries is tied to someone or some group “owning” it.  If no one “owns” something it gets neglected.  Things are left undone.

When it comes to giving in the church I find that few if anyone in a church actually “owns” whether or not that church makes budget.  Sure there are finance teams and staff but after the budget is set most churches act like giving will automatically come in.  Then after a challenging winter or simply failing to see giving rise to meet budget increases along comes summer.  Most churches are already behind budget and now comes the most challenging time of the year in terms of giving.  We hope giving will improve but no one is there with a plan because no one “owns” the process.

Who has the time to “own” giving?  Typically a lay person heads up the finance team or committee.  Yet that person probably already wears several hats in the church.  Not only that but they themselves work forty or more hours a week.  They then have multiple activities to attend outside of the church.  Then we expect them to come up with a plan to increase giving.  Not only do we want them to come up with the plan but we also expect them to execute that plan.  Frankly they don’t know what to do and they certainly don’t have more time to give.  So who then “owns” giving?

The one person that might be viewed as “owning” giving is the pastor who is overwhelmed with a mountain of things to do already.  Have you ever felt like the picture in this post?  The question many ask is how can I “own” more than what I already am tasked to do.  After all Sunday is coming and no one is there to “own” that sermon for you.  You have enough on your plate yet if you don’t “own” giving who will?  If it falls on you where will you get the time to give to this?  Then do you have the expertise to build out a plan of action for increasing giving?  I don’t know about your training but in seminary no one taught me how to increase giving and givers.

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