Does your program REALLY work?

Mark, I am very intrigued by your program.  My church has been in a giving decline for several months now!  It’s very stressful.  And I’m deeply concerned.  I really have just ONE question: Does your program REALLY work?

That was a question a pastor sent me through Twitter just a few days ago.  It’s a great and fair question.  After all before you spend $365 dollars on a program, even though that is far less than others, you need to know IF it works.  How did I answer?  I gave him several quotes from real life churches that used my programs and saw significant results.  Here are a few to consider…

“Giving is up 30%+ this year.  We connect the dots every week, using your ‘Elevator pitch’ from the Stewardship Coach.”  Brian Hughes Senior Pastor PCC Virginia

“You have made a HUGE difference for us.  Before your consulting our offering times more often than not had been a boring, canned and poorly thought presentation of the offering opportunity.  We’re not where we need to be – but we have made HUGE strides, thanks to your encouragement.”  Don Lincoln Senior Pastor Westminster Presbyterian Church

“As of the end of November, 2016 contributions were up 17% over the same period in 2015. We attribute much of this to your leadership!”  Steve Heyduck 1st Methodist Euless, TX

“Great job with the newsletter this week!  Here is a quick update on our giving since we started following you:  Envelope giving up 7% over last year!  Plate giving up 45% over last year!  E-Giving up by 52% over last year & 187% since we followed your advice!”  Lance Leeds Pastor Dwight UMC Dwight, IL

“Mark Brooks and Giving365 has helped me influence a giving congregation to be even more giving! His personal touch positioned me to have data in front of key leadership in a meaningful way–a way that told a story and defined a direction and action plans. I’ve been a member for over a year–it’s been worth my time and money.”  John Walker Business Administrator Athens, GA

“This Easter thanks to our use of the Stewardship Coach’s plan our offering was $17K above our normal Easter offering.”  Stephanie Dalton Executive Pastor Bethel Harvest Church KY

My question back to you is does the program you are using right now REALLY work?  Are you seeing a decline in giving or an increase?  Do you have the help you need to turn around a giving decline?  Would investing a dollar a day be worth it IF you could be fully funded?

Here is another question, do you even have a plan for increasing giving and givers?  If not let me say what I always say, if you don’t have a plan you are planning on failure.  The longer you put off doing anything the harder it will be for you to dig out of the hole you are in.  Let me be your Coach and let’s get you fully funded.

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach