When it comes to helping your church be fully funded are you a disconnected pastor?  I have found without exception that the lack of pastoral involvement in stewardship is the number one reason churches are failing to realize their potential in giving.  Few pastors take an interest in stewardship.  When they do give any time to stewardship it is often begrudgingly.  The vast majority of pastors simply ignore stewardship and the offering plate shows the neglect.  When it comes to giving and stewardship they are the disconnected pastor.

Why are pastors disconnected from giving?  Here are a few of my observations as to why…

Many do not feel adequately trained. Our Christian institutions of learning have done a disservice to our leaders in not training them in this crucial field.

Some pastors are not convinced it is biblically their role. I find that we have been so conditioned by lay people that we ministers are not supposed to know anything about the churches finances that we incorrectly assume that is biblical.

Some do not see the necessity. Despite numerous studies that show the importance of the leader being involved in stewardship many do not think it is necessary.

It’s unpopular and we like to be liked. No preacher wants to hear, “All you ever talk about at church is money.”

It often makes the leader uncomfortable. Closely akin to the above point I find that many don’t like to talk about stewardship because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

The authors of Passing the Plate quote a study by Robert Wuthnow that found only 32 percent of American church members reported that they had heard a sermon on the relationship between faith and personal finances in that previous year.  Wuthnow concluded, “clergy often tiptoe around the topic of money as if they were taking a walk through a minefield.

The more connected a pastor is with the churches giving the more likely that church will be a fully funded church.  You can’t change anyone else but yourself.  You can make a decision to become more connected in the stewardship process of your church.  I can assure you that the time you spend on stewardship can and will increase the dollars your church receives.  Those dollars will go to fund life changing ministry for people in your community and around the world!  Get connected today!

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Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach