There are 5 easy steps you can take right now that can help you reverse any decline in giving!  Giving to the Church has been slowly declining year after year.  At the present rate of decline Americans by 2050 will only give 1% of their disposable incomes to the church.  If we don’t address this giving decline we are headed for perilous times.

How Should the Church Combat This Decline?

We all shake our heads about statistics like I have listed above.  Yet it does not have to be this way.  Not every church is seeing a decline in giving.  Yours can see giving increase.  The question is how?  Here are 5 things you can do to help reverse the decline in giving.

1.  Create an expectation of generosity.  It starts with you!  Preach and teach generosity regularly from in your preaching.  People need to be taught that a part of being a disciple is being generous.  It is time we get over the mistaken idea that if we talk about money we will not attract a crowd.  We are not called to attract a crowd but to make disciples.  If we focus on making disciples the crowds will take care of themselves.

2.  Tell stories.  I am convinced that we have not told a compelling story of WHY people should give.  Most preaching is on THAT people should give.  They get that.  They need to be motivated to put down the Snickers and give money to fuel your missions and ministry.  Make the case for people to give.  Stop assuming they will give!  Stop trying to guilt people into giving!  I believe that when we make giving fun then people will give.

3.  Provide help.  Provide some sort of program on debt reduction and practical living for your members.  Many have made terrible budgeting mistakes and they need help getting out of debt so that they can more easily give.

4.  Make giving easy.  Few carry much cash into your service and fewer still have a check book on them.  How then will they give?  Provide up to date platforms that attendees can then easily use to give to your church.

5.  Get everyone rowing.  Increasing giving is not simply the job of the pastor or Finance Team.  Everyone on staff needs to see this as part of their job.  Few churches have a plan for stewardship increase.  If you do not have a plan you are planning on failure.  Get a plan and work your plan!

My goal is to help churches raise the money they need to do the ministry they feel led to do.  It is not that the church talks too much about money.  The fact is we don’t talk about it enough.  However when we do talk about it we typically do so in a way that turns people off.  Let’s change the conversation about generosity with these five steps.

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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