You need to establish now what your end of year giving goals should be.  How important is end of year giving?  Consider that non-profit charities bring in about 25% of their yearly revenue from Thanksgiving to the last day of the year. They have specific targeted messages, goals and outcomes they aim for.  What about you?  Without a target or a goal you might be missing out on collecting thousands of dollars that some non-profit will get instead.  So, let’s get started on thinking about your end of year giving goals.

What Should My End of Year Goal Be?  Let’s begin by analyzing what is and isn’t possible.

  • Most churches over estimate what their giving ability is.  Be realistic when it comes to setting a goal or target amount to be raised.
  • Better to hit a goal than miss a goal.  Success breeds success.  So you want a goal that is attainable and that sets you up to celebrate a ministry and missions win.
  • Goals don’t drive dollars vision does!  The more compelling your message the more money you will raise.
  •  What your goal should be depends upon your situation and setting.

How to Determine Your Goal – Use this points to determine your best goal…

  • Consider your capacity for end of year giving.  If your membership is primarily blue collar in background your ability to raise a significant amount might be less.
  • How compelling is the “ask?”  This is the key!  Make the appeal about changing lives not making budget.  The more compelling the “ask” the more dollars you will raise.
  • My rule of thumb, a week’s offering.
  • Larger amounts must have a compelling ask AND have donors with the capacity to give larger gifts.
  • Focus more on giving rather than hitting some goal.  Again, make it about missions and ministry not money.  People give to change lives not help you hit some budget number.

How Best to Hit Your Goal – Goals without plans are worthless.  So, while setting a goal is valuable you need a plan of action.  Here are some key thoughts on how to best hit your goal…

  • Decide NOW what the “ask” will be.  The more compelling the “ask” the more significant the return.
  • Single “asks” are more effective than multiple appeals.  Don’t dilute the appeal by asking for multiple things.  Focus on one key thing and zero in on that.
  • Finalize your plan in the next couple of weeks.  If you don’t have a plan you are planning on failing.  So, get a plan like my, 2 Minute Drill
  • Work your plan!  Did you see that that sentence starts with the word, work?  Without a plan that you WORK you will never meet even the lowest goal!

If you don’t have a plan get mine, “The 2 Minute Drill: A Winning Plan of Action for End of Year Giving.”  2 Minute Drill

I have all that you need for an effective plan for end of year giving.  Using my plan you will increase end of year giving!  Get it today and let’s get started!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach