When it comes to being fully funded do you pray to make budget?  We pray about everything but we seldom if ever pray to make budget.  Why would we pray about that?  Because making budget, being fully funded, means you can do all the things you believe God has in store for your church.  Why would you not pray to make budget?

I treat giving as a spiritual act that all disciples should participate in.  Giving is a spiritual discipline just like prayer, sharing our faith etc.  The tragedy is that few see giving this way.  But let’s think about it.  Is your church commissioned by God to show the light of Christ in your community and around the world?  Of course it is!  So, why then is the funding that enables you to accomplish this not a matter of prayer?

If you truly believe in your mission, then you will not hesitate to ask people to give to fund that mission.  One major reason why churches are not fully funded is their leadership is shy about asking people to give to support the Kingdom work they do.  Do you think the Red Cross is shy about asking for money?  Of course not.  Then why are we?

Money doesn’t make the vision a reality, but it sure helps!  Don’t get me wrong.  You can still do ministry without money but to do all that you believe you are to do takes money.  Being fully funded allows you to do more for the Kingdom.

Pray weekly for what you need budget wise.  Here is a simple exercise.  Take whatever amount you need yearly and divide that by 52.  Now you know weekly what your need is.  Then begin praying that God would touch the hearts of your people so that the offering will be full every week.  If you need $2,568 a week, then pray for that amount to come in every week.  Have all your staff, and key leaders praying this same way.

Does that work?  Cross Church of Northwest Arkansas reaches their summer giving goal EVERY summer by sharing with the entire congregation how much they need each week.   So, I know it works.  It can work for you.

Your church is on a mission from God that is worth asking people to support financially.  Giving is an act of worship.  Just as each week you pray for your worship services pray that the offering, a part of worship, will be what you need.  Why when we ask God to bless everything in our lives would we NOT ask him to fill the offering plate?

What do you need to be fully funded each week?  Let’s start praying that in!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach