It’s getting late but it is not too late to do something about end of year giving!  Will you wait until it’s too late to make budget this year?  A while back I received a desperate email from a church.  In part here is what it said, “We are running in the red right now about 45,000 dollars.”  While asking now in November might be considered the eleventh hour none the less at least he was aware of the need to do something.

Right now do you know where you are in terms of whether or not you will make budget?  Is your giving ahead of last year or behind?  Are you on track to make budget or not?  Knowing where you are is some part of the battle.  Too many pastors have little to no clue of how to answer any of the previous questions.  In fact I have stopped asking pastors as it embarrasses them.

So the first step is to accurately know where you stand with regard to your giving and budget. Knowing might not be half the battle but it is an important part.

The next step is to do something!  Do you have a plan of action that will lead your church to closing the negative gap you are experiencing?  Without some plan of action it is almost impossible for you to close out the year in the black.  Try my end of year giving plan, “The 2 Minute Drill,” for 1/2 off!  Get the 2 Minute Drill Here!

It is not too late!  Yes it is late but it is not too late.  Consider that over 20% of all the monies non-profits bring yearly comes the last two days of the year.  So as you are reading this you have ample time to craft an appealing letter or email asking your members to support your missions and ministries.

Make it positive.  Please don’t make your appeal sound desperate or laden with guilt.  Neither of these approaches works very well.

Revolve the gift around missions and ministry not making budget.  People give to causes that make a difference.  Your budget is filled with causes that make a difference.  So craft your appeal around fully funding your missions and ministries not simply to hit some number and people will be more apt to give.

Finally, don’t get yourself in this position again!  Every time you have to make a desperate appeal you simply sink yourself lower in the estimation of your donor base.  So plan ahead.

Try my plan for increasing weekly giving called Giving365 for 14 days for only $1.  You will get the help you need to avoid being behind.  Try it for 14 days!  14 day trail

So, my question for you is, will you wait until it’s too late?

Mark Brooks- The Stewardship Coach

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