Announcing Giving365!  A plan to help increase your giving!

If You’re Tired Of Struggling Every Week When You Pass The Offering Plate…Not Knowing What To Say Or How To Say It…
Feeling A Bit Conflicted Between Ministering To People And Asking For Money…
Then You’re In The Right Place — It’s All About To Get A Lot Easier…
As You Increase Your Giving Each Week, Every Week, From Now On!

My membership plan will provide you will all the tools you need to take the worry out of making budget!


Hi, I’m Mark Brooks and for seventeen years, I’ve worked with hundreds of churches all across the country to help them grow their giving on a week to week and month to month basis. Many have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some have increased their giving by thousands of dollars simply by using one thing I showed them to do.

Several of the largest church pastors in America regularly pay me to advise and construct giving plans for their church.

All of these pastors have one thing in common, I help them increase giving!

Don’t take my word for it listen to what one of my client members wrote me recently…

Pastor Brian Hughes

Pastor Brian Hughes

“You helped us increase our giving by 32% last year!  Dr. Brian C. Hughes Powhatan Community Church Powhatan, VA

As A Member Of “Giving365™ ”  Youll Be Able To Fully Fund Your Ministry

Membership of $365.00/year


redStar    Here’s what you get …    redStar

  • Weekly Tips, Key Thoughts, Advice, And Plans to Move you Forward.  These are sent directly to your inbox.  Other plans make you go to their site to download materials.

  • Weekly Offering Talks To Increase Giving During The Offering…this means we write your weekly offering talk for you each and every week so you don’t have to be stressed or worry about what to say…it’s all done for you – all you have to do is deliver the goods and watch the giving increase in your church.  You get your talk delivered directly to you!

  • A Weekly Webinar calledMondays With Mark: The Stewardship Coach.”  We record each one of them, so if you can’t be on live with us, you can still access all the information when it’s convenient for you.  Each week, we pick a new topic to discuss AND, we do live questions and answers every week, so when you have a concern or challenge, you bring to us and we solve it right there on the call for you – that’s the equivalent to a live coaching session for you each and every week (all for under $100 each month…many people pay $1,000.00, or more, for this same type of live coaching elsewhere)

  • Access to Stewardship Sermons, Documents, Forms, Sample Emails, Direct Mail Letters, And Much, Much More…All Designed Specifically To Increase Giving

  • Strategies And Suggestions To Connect With Donors To Increase Giving via Social Media and Other Media

Membership is $365.00/year


Here’s What Another Of Our Members Has To Say About The Stewardship Coach Program:

StephanieDalton“Using Your Plan, Our Easter Offering Was $17,000.00 Above Normal”

We used the Stewardship Coach’s plan for our Easter offering.  Using this plan we were able to identify our target audience and  make our need known.  The weekly tasks helped us organize what  needed to be done to have a successful campaign.  This Easter thanks to our use of the Stewardship Coach’s plan our offering was 17K above our normal Easter offering.  This was a great  blessing to our church.  We had struggled through a very cold, snowy  winter that had left us behind on our budget.  This increased offering  helped us overcome our budget shortfall and head into summer on target. Thank you Stewardship Coach for making this resource available!

 Stephanie Dalton, Executive Pastor Bethel Harvest Church Lexington, KY


 PS – If you have been looking for ways to increase the giving at your church, and in these economic times, who isn’t, then you owe it to yourself, your church, your church family and those in the world who need your message and to give “The Stewardship Coach™” a try.