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The goal in my life is to reverse the decline in giving one church at a time! Let me help you and your church be fully funded this year!


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  Click to Get Started Our church, Westminster Presbyterian has been a subscriber to the Stewardship Coach for 2 years now, and Mark’s weekly insight has been instrumental in helping us increase our giving.  Gerry McShane Mark Brooks and Giving365 has helped me influence a giving congregation to be even more giving! His personal touch positioned me to have data in front of key leadership in a meaningful way–a way that told a story and defined a direction and action plans. I’ve been a member for over a year–it’s been worth my time and money.  John Walker Beech Haven Baptist […]

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My contention is that you MUST think about giving and givers 365 days a year in order to be fully funded.  Yet who has that kind of time?  I do!  I do one thing and one thing only, help churches reverse the decline in giving. After 20 years as a Senior Pastor and over 17 full years consulting with scores of churches I have taken my experience and knowledge and am using it to help churches see an increase in giving from 10% to as much as 32% annually!  I can help you! Giving365 will give you all the tools […]

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